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Twitter for Teachers

Twitter is an online news feed that offers a wealth of information on current trends in our profession. Go to to find the latest news for music educators.


Music Educators To Follow On Twitter 

1. Joseph Pisano @pisanojm
2. Carol Broos @musictechie
3. Jason Heath @jasonheath
4. Alex Ruthmann @alexruthmann
5. Brenda Muench @bmuench
6. James Frankel @jimfrankel
7. Ken Pendergrass @mystro2b
8. Andy Zweibel @Zweibz7
9. William Bauer @wbauer
10. SoundTree @soundtree
11. MENC @menc
12. Heather Caserta @HeatherCaserta
13. Thomas J. West @thomasjwest
14. Janice Tuck @funmusicco
15. Chad Criswell @musicedmagic
16. Wendy Stevens @composecreate
17. Doug Butchy @dougbutchy

Meeting the criteria very soon:
Amy Willis -
Keith Mason -
Scott Watson


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